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As we go through life, our perception changes. How it changes obviously varies from person to person. Personally speaking, I find myself to be rather insignificant. I really don't contribute much to the grand scheme of things as a whole. Perhaps the only reason I think that is because it was beat into my brain that I wasn't worth much by my lecherous and poor excuse of a father. Nevertheless its there in my head and its hard to overcome.

By my house there is a forest. Its quite large but easily navigable. At the end of this said forest lies the Tippecanoe River. The river flows through several counties in the state I live in. What does the forest and the river have to do with what I said before? Well, it is this river that has taught me several things in my life.

Visualize yourself by the riverside, if you will. You're just standing there. You come across a rather small stone. Picking up the stone you notice just how small it is, it only takes up a mere fraction of your palm. You throw the stone into the river thinking nothing of it. Then you notice it has created a huge ripple effect in the river. My point, if you haven't discovered it by now is this: Even the smallest thing can create the biggest impact. This very small stone has changed part of the river. Nothing is ever EVER insignificant in this world. All things, people, deeds and what have you...they all have a place.

So the next time you feel down and wonder what you're even doing and if you even have any worth, think of the rock and the river and the ripple.

Until next time.


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